Will Muhammad Be A Popular Name In 2018?

Meaning, Origin and History of the name Muhammad

Many people think that the name Muhammad will not be very popular in 2018, especially with people who are living in western countries. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth and 2018 will have just as many children who are named Muhammad as any other year before. This is because people who are devout will see it as a way to keep their child in touch with their culture and because it will be seen as a way to rebel against society trying to quiet Muslim voices. Families who name their children after the Prophet are merely trying to show that they are not afraid and that they will continue to live their lives, even if the rest of the world doesn’t approve.

Muhammad – A Popular Name in Muslim communities


The name will always be popular because it has such a positive connotation in Muslim communities. The founder of the religion and one of the best examples of how to live your life has the same name. This means that when parents think of strong names that are meant to influence their children to live their live in a righteous way, this will be one of the first names that they think of using. The history behind the name and the great men who came after the Prophet and have also held the name will also encourage families to continue using it as well. To get more information on history of name Muhammad, you can visit this site .

Even people who have converted to the religion, rather than being born into, enjoy the idea of giving their child a strong name that will show their culture and their commitment to Allah. This will ensure that the name is still being used in this generation and for many generations to come. It is an act of faith and is not likely to go away in 2018 or any time in the near future. Visit here to get more details!!