What To Consider When Working On A DIY Floating Book Shelf

One of the most rewarding and affordable home projects you can possibly work on is a DIY floating book shelf. You still have to practice a bit of careful planning and precaution however. With that in mind, make sure you consider all of the following before you move forward:

Planning and Precaution When Working On a Floating Bookshelf

1 – Support

Floating book shelves need to rest on at least two brackets on either side for stability. You may want to consider as many as four or five, with one in the center as well. Otherwise, the shelf may start buckling under the weight of any items you store on it over time.

Floating Book Shelf

If you want to be absolutely certain your shelves are secure, you should check the wall first. If you can mount them using points where the wall has studs behind it, you’ll be far better off. You might also want to invest in mounts that can drill into the backs or bottoms of the shelves directly to create a more cohesive structure.

2 – The Surface

You should also consider adding a shelf liner to give the surface a bit of extra friction. This will keep any items you place on the shelf safe. Without adequate friction, belongings that are stored on shelves are prone to rattling around at times. Liners meant for kitchen cabinets can work wonders. You can also use wire mesh or plastic strips designed for window insulation. Be creative!

Floating Book Shelf

3 – Aesthetics

On that note, you may as well embrace the DIY spirit full on if you’re building your own floating book shelf. There are no rules here. You can get some paint and even create a bright rainbow pattern if you want. (Just be sure to seal it afterwards!) You can even experiment with different variations in the shape. The backing underneath the shelf itself is a prime candidate for a bit of personalization, so take advantage.

4 – Decor

Finally, you need to choose the decor you eventually feature on the shelf for organize the space a lot of thought. There are no rules from an aesthetic point of view in this regard either, but you need to employ some general balance. Heavier items should be placed symmetrically over the support brackets. You might want to stick to relatively light decor overall when it comes to the weight however. Anything fragile or expensive is best served in a display cabinet for maximum security.

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