Tips for SEO for a Startup Business

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is fundamental for bringing potential customers to your business website. Without it, unless recommendations and word-of-mouth work exceptionally well for you, it’s doubtful your business will get off to a roaring start.

To sell your products or services means you have to attract potential customers to your business. SEO is the process of drawing as many visitors to your website as possible by the use of search engine optimization techniques such as keywords, well-written content, relevant and attractive images, related links and more. However, the only way that SEO will work for you is if you have a solid plan. Here are some SEO tips for your startup business. Know How To Get Full Service SEO Web Design ?

How Does Your Website Stand on Google?

Before you begin the SEO process, you need to determine how your company’s website stands on Google. Your focus should be on Google because Google is the top search engine over all the others. If your site is not ranking high on Google, then how it ranks on the others is not particularly important. To determine how your website ranks on Google, make sure that your site has been online for at least two weeks, then go to Google’s search bar and type in the best keyword phrase to describe your website. For example, if you’ve started a dog walking business in Cincinnati, Ohio, a strong keyword phrase could be – dog walker Cincinnati Ohio. If the website for your startup does not appear on at least one of the first three pages of Google for your keyword phrase, your site does not have keywords associated with it to make your presence known on Google. However, if it does show up on at least one of the first three pages of Google for your keyword phrase, your website is off to a good start.

Create Relevant Keyword Phrases

Let’s assume the website for your startup did appear on at least one of the first three pages of Google for your keyword phrase, did it appear on page one, page two or page three? The page that you want to shoot for is page one. When you get your website to show up on page one of Google for your keyword phrase, you’ll begin to draw in potential customers to your website.

What are keyword phrases in relation to your startup? They are a set of words that best describe your product or service. They are also the words that potential customers are likely to type into Google when they are seeking products or services that you and your competition offer. So it’s critical that you aim for the strongest or the most relevant keywords to compete with those who are offering similar products or services.

Always Include a Sitemap

Keep your site organized and user-friendly by including a sitemap. This is a map that will let potential customers know where to find the information that they’re looking for. Your sitemap should always appear on the front of your site in a place that is easily accessible.

Offer Well-Written Content

Your website will include content that describes your product or service, and that content needs to be well-written and relevant. It also needs to include keyword phrases sprinkled throughout. Poorly written material will turn-off potential customers and worse, if your content is keyword stuffed or if it is not original, you risk getting penalized by Google for keyword stuffing or for plagiarism. Know How To Find An SEO Expert To Suit Your Needs ?

Add Attractive Images

Include attractive and relevant images to your site, and make sure their descriptions also include some keyword phrases.

Search engine optimization is a powerful way to bring viewers to your site, but it won’t work if it is done incorrectly. Include the tips above in your SEO plan for your startup business. For more information  Click here .