The Qualities That A Good Refrigerant Needs To Have

Refrigerants are used in a number of machines. There are also many different types of refrigerants that you can use in your machines. If you are looking to change your refrigerant, it is important to understand the qualities that you need to look for. These qualities will ensure that the refrigerant works correctly and that you are safe while using it.

The Boiling Point

When looking at a refrigerant, you need to consider what its boiling point is. The boiling point will vary depending on the machine that it is used in and will generally have to fall within a specified range. A refrigerant with a low boiling point will generally have a better ability to cool, but those with higher boiling points will be more efficient. Most refrigerants will have a boiling point of -27.4 to -49 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lack Of Toxicity

Ideally, you will want to have a refrigerant that does not have any identified toxicity. These refrigerants will generally be the Class A refrigerants where no toxicity has been found in concentrations less than 400 parts per million. If there is a small amount of toxicity identified, the refrigerant will be a Class B one.

Class 1 refrigerants are those that are completely non-flammable. Class 2 refrigerants are moderately flammable while Class 3 will be highly flammable. You need to consider this when looking at the refrigerant that you want to use. A good refrigerant will be a good combination of functional and safe.

The Stability

Stability is a major quality to look for when choosing a good refrigerant. Refrigerants need to be stable and should not decompose under the temperature and pressure of the system they are in. Less stable substances could swell, become brittle or dissolve the plastics used in the system. It is also important that the refrigerant stays stable when it comes into contact with lubricants and other substances that are present in refrigerators. Read about Integrated Circuits A Vital Part of Modern Electronics

In the past, CFCs were often used as refrigerants because they were thought to offer the stability that was needed. However, they are no longer used because it was found that they become unstable when they are in contact with ozone particles.

The Odor

Another quality to look for in a good refrigerant is a complete lack of odor. This is particularly important when it is a low concentration because this is what you will be using in most appliances. When there is no odor, you will not have to worry about the appliance smelling like chemicals at all times.

However, it is important that the refrigerant has an odor when at higher concentrations. This will enable you to determine if there have been any chemical leaks. Many refrigerants will have an odor that is similar to carbon tetrachloride when leaking which ensures that you will be able to identify when this happens.

There are a number of qualities that you need to look for in a good refrigerant. These qualities include stability, the boiling point and a lack of toxicity. Click at