Payment Solutions For Medical Cannabis

Everyone knows that a customer that can use their debit or credit card is far more likely to make a purchase than a customer that has to rely on cash only. Unfortunately, most cannabis operations only allow for cash only payments. This has been countered by providing customers with an automatic teller machine that is typically located in the facility, or within a few hundred feet of the facility.

While this works for many cannabis operations

It still lacks the speed and the availability of many potential clients. Worse, when the cash machine is empty, malfunctions, or simply isn’t working properly, potential clients are left hanging without their medications. This can create even more issues for the establishment who don’t own the cash machine, therefore they can’t refund money issues or make the machine dispense the cash that is required.

Potential clients then must leave the facility in search of a working cash machine, that is providing the machine didn’t keep their card or debit their account without giving them the money. It happens often and it’s frustrating and annoying and there is little that can be done until the owner of the cash machine arrives to rectify the situation.

So the cannabis merchants are in search of an alternative means to process money without actually having to handle the cash that their customers use to pay for their medications. It’s a conundrum that has long been a hot topic of debate with little offered for solutions. Until now.

There are several companies that have recognized this issue and gone to work to make it easier. Two of these companies are MCP and Green. Both of these companies work very similarly to a credit or debit card, however, they’re not credit or debit cards. Both of these companies offer secure transmission of your funds. You fund the account just as you would do a prepaid debit or credit card, however, this isn’t a debit or credit card. The money still belongs to the client, however, it can be moved from the client’s accounts into the merchants accounts much more simply. How you will be  Getting A CBD Oil Merchant Account .

The next concern for most potential clients is privacy.

They are concerned that they will be named and known to the federal government and are concerned that further issues may transpire due to the transactions. While these transactions are private and secure with cash, will that change when a special money card is utilized? Will the government then know who they are? For this reason, many potential clients hesitate to use their prepay cards and the like in such situations.

Privacy is important for everyone and it should never be compromised. Clients who rely on their medications often seek out means to do so privately so that friends, family, and neighbors don’t necessarily know what is going on. And with good reason, not everyone is for medical cannabis. Some people are so against it that they will shun anyone who even discusses it.

Clearly, privacy is protected for the client and the merchant handles all of the required reporting to the federal agencies when these methods are utilized. The funds that are funded to the card are available within 24 hours and the client can then purchase what they require without further waiting. Furthermore, the privacy of the client is still protected.

This ensures that the cannabis facility remains compliant with the federal agencies, however, the client is given some privacy that they also require. These merchandise payment solutions seem to be working well and so far there haven’t been any serious issues crop up regarding privacy and payment processing.

Merchants are reporting that the programs work well and are becoming more valuable than ever to their clients. Clients are relieved that they won’t have to carry around sums of cash that can put them at risk for theft or other crimes and that they can still get the medications that are required for their personal needs.

It seems like a win-win situation for everyone. With no special fees attached, it’s a great way to solve the problem and can be set up easily without a lot of effort. The systems are designed to track sales and tax collections without having to identify the clients.

As more cannabis facilities turn to these methods more clients are beginning to sign on and appreciate the new way to pay. It’s private, works well for both clients and merchants and it focuses on a need for both parties.

Cannabis isn’t a bad drug that should be shunned and since so many people are worried about what it will do to them in the community should friends, family, and neighbors find out, these merchant payment methods offer the pricacy that these clients are seeking while remaining compliant with federal regulations. For Further information contact now  .