New York DMV Lost Social Security Card Requirements Overview

It is very easy to lose a Social Security card that you have in your wallet, or even in your purse. There are times when you will simply misplace it. When this occurs, you can apply to have a new one sent to you, but you need to follow a certain procedure. The amount of time that it will take will be about three weeks, sometimes two weeks if everything goes well. There are DMV requirements in New York City when you lose your Social Security card. Let’s go over what these requirements are so that you will know exactly what to do if you would like to get a new one right away.

How Most People Get A Social Security Card If They Lose It

When people lose a Social Security card, they can go on the main Social Security website. They will sign into their my Social Security account. From there, they can submit information that will be requested from the Social Security department to start the process. They need to verify that it is really you that is requesting it. It makes things easier when you go through your main website. If you do, and you provide everything that are asking, the process will be simple. The requirements for getting a new one are actually not that hard to understand. Almost everyone will be able to provide this information.

Requirements For Replacing A Social Security Card

The process requires that you provide documentation and information that will show them that it is you requesting this information. For starters, you have to be 18 years of age or older. If you have a US mailing address that goes to a PO Box that will work, or if you have a physical address where your mail is delivered this is also allowed. If you are not requesting any type of name change, this is what you will need to do. There are different forms for a name change if that’s what you required. You may have gotten married recently you need to do that, or maybe you have changed your name. Either way, it’s a little different than just requesting a duplicate of the one that you already have. You have to show proof that it is you through a state issued identification card for the state of New York. You will probably have a drivers license and that can also be provided. Once you have submitted this information either physically with a form that you are printed out, or online, you will then have to wait the few weeks to have it sent to you.

The DMV And Social Security Cards

The reason that you may have to provide a Social Security card when you are at the DMV to get a drivers licenses that you are a citizen of the United States. If you are not, you can have a document that will be marked temporary visitor. This is something that many people do if they are coming to New York in order to go to school or just to visit. If you are applying for an amendment to the Social Security card that you already have, you will need to submit additional documentation. For example, if you can’t provide a Social Security number or card, you could provide an individual taxpayer identification number. If you are immigrating, you need to show the immigration documents. Immigrants will also be required to show what is called an L676 form. Once that is done, everything should go through. It’s not that hard to get everything done, regardless of where you are from, as long as you provide the documentation they are requesting.

The submission process is simple. Filling out the forms is the difficult part. The only thing left is to wait for the approval from the Social Security Administration. If everything checks out, they will submit one to you in the next few weeks. That will allow you to have your very own Social Security card to use for whatever you need it for. In most cases, people are simply requesting one that is missing. They needed duplicate, and they are not making any changes to their name. If that is the case, it’s the easiest process of all of those that have been discussed. Once you have it, you will see that it was a very simple process to get a duplicate Social Security card in the state of New York. For more details at