Make a DIY Window Shelf Desk

Add extra space for work in your apartment or office by building a DIY window shelf desk. These are easy to make and they are great for putting in a long day at the office, where you can easily slip in more workspace for someone rather than rent a larger place. They are also great for small apartments where you need workspace but just do not have room for a traditional desk.

Tips to Make a Window Shelf Desk

All you need is a piece of wood. You can also use a slab from a bookshelf. Just be sure to pick a piece that will fit comfortably beneath the window. You need to add two metal braces for each side to hold it up securely.

If you want to get really creative, you can also add hinges. This addition lets you raise or lower the desk so that you can have added space back when you are not using the desk. You may also want to add cabinets or shelving to the top if you are planning on keeping the window shelf and wall mounted floating desk extended at all times.

Desk Ideas for Kids Rooms

These are great projects for kid’s rooms. You can fit a small desk perfect for your children to sit at and work at using the natural light from the window. You can add or remove your child’s seat to the desk as needed. If more than one child uses the desk, they can bring their own chair to sit at it and move it when they are done with work.

For an office, these desks are great for those times where you need added workspace but office real estate is at a premium. If you are hosting a spot in your office, a hinged wall mounted desk is an excellent asset. Raise it up and place a chair beneath it to accommodate a visiting partner.

Build a permanent desk in front of the window and use it as a bookshelf or other storage space. The greatest thing about these desks is that they are affordable and they make any tight spot a lot easier to work in. You do not need a full-sized desk to get by with the DIY window shelf desk.

Find plans for these online at your favorite home improvement store. A DIY website may also have great plans that you can modify to tailor to your exact desires and needs. These desks work for any office space or any small apartment.