How To Keep Your Beard Under Control

Facial hair has become increasingly popular over the past few years.In fact it is now apparent that the beard is back. While many men are today going a little overboard when it comes to growing out their beards into what can only be termed the ‘Mountain Man’style many stylists believe that this is a mistake. in fact the consensus among those who offer grooming advice is that the best way to get the full affect of a beard is to ensure that it conforms to the contours of the face.

Beard Styles

But that does not mean that every beard has to look the same. for instance leaving the beard longer at the sides and shorter around the chin area can add a masculine fullness to those people with thinner, more angular faces. A close cropped beard, little more stubble can accentuate the jawline and is great for those with a more square face.The classic ‘Van Dyke’ pointed beard around the chin is great for those with rounder faces as it adds length.

So it seems that there is a beard style for just about everyone. But the challenge can be tending to the beard so that it presents a neat and tidy appearance. there are several points to take into account when it comes to beard care.

The first is shaping the beard and the first step in that process shaving.

When outlining the contours of the beard it is best to use a clear shaving gel which will allow you to see what you are doing. Your beard should end just above the Adams Apple which will give the jawline definition.

Beard Maintenance

Maintenance of the beard starts with a great comb. there are several on the market that have specifically designed for beard care. The teeth of the comb are more widely spaced so that they will not tangle with the beard. A high quality scissors is also essential. Brush downwards and snip off any errant hairs in order to ensure that the beard stays neat.

Sculpting the beard is also extremely useful if you suffer from unruly sideburns or want to keep the tip of that Van dyke looking sharp. There are several types of pomade that have been specifically designed for use on beards. Investing in a great beard oil is also a fantastic idea. there are numerous types on the market and some are scented making into easy to look and smell great at the same time. these can be sued every day.

Keeping your beard in tip top shape can be a multi stage process. you should be shampooing your beard approximately every third time you wash your hair, more often than that will strip away natural oils on the skin that keep your beard looking great. On the other hand feel free to use a high quality conditioner on your beard every day. Once again there are a number of conditioners that have formulated especially for beard acre. these contain ingredients such as Shea Butter and almond oil to keep your beard looking luxurious. To know more contact us or also you can check online for best beard trimmer reviews.