How To Get Access To A 7 Day Pain Patch

Did you know that the FDA has recently approved a seven day pain patch. It uses a product called Buprenorphine. This is more commonly referred to as Butrans, and it can be obtained in 5, 10 or 20 hour strengths. This is a pain patch that is going to work with your transdermal system. It can manage severe chronic pain with most people. It is a schedule three controlled substance, and it affects the opioid receptors. That’s why it is so successful at handling pain. It took a long time for the FDA to approve this batch because of how long it can actually work. There was a lot of research that had to be presented and you should search on Internet to learn more to know about this research. If you are experiencing chronic pain anywhere on your body, you may want to consider getting the seven-day pain patch.

The Benefits Of Having A 7-Day Buprenorphine Pain Patch

The main benefit of having this is that it does have opioids. These are able to change the way that the brain is interpreting pain. It does not act as an anti-inflammatory. It goes to the root of the pain signals themselves. Although it is recommended that you spend time relaxing, allowing yourself to recover, you may actually have chronic pain for a completely different reason. People that have fibromyalgia may need to use them on certain parts of their body, a condition that does not have any cure.

Drawbacks Of Using This Pain Patch

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The main drawback of using this patches that it can become addicting. You may become dependent on the painkilling aspects of the patch itself. If you are in chronic pain that cannot be resolved, then this is likely the best solution. However, if you are using this in order to recover, you should not use it for very long or else you could become addicted, even after you have recovered from your injuries.

This is one of the best pain patches ever created. It is FDA approved and therefore safe. You can go to your doctor to get a prescription for it. You must have a legitimate reason for needing it. Once they have done certain tests on you, identified what is causing your pain, they may recommend this as the best solution. This might be the thing that you are looking for that can actually help you handle your pain. You could be suffering every single day. If your doctor recommends it, definitely consider getting the 7-Day Buprenorphine patch to help you feel better.