How Remax Real Estate Agents Are Paid

Are you considering a career as a realtor? This can be a great job, but it’s important to understand how you will get paid. remax is one of the nation’s largest real estate firms. Most of their realtors are paid on commission. This means that when they sell a home or if a home they listed sells, they are paid a percentage of the sale price.Read about  Suggestions On Hiring A Cincinnati Real Estate Management Team .

About real estate market

The real estate market can be very lucrative. Getting a real estate license can provide a good living. Many realtors will negotiate their commission which can range from 1% up to 10%, depending on the property and the sales price. For example, if a property is listed at $250,000 and the realtor is getting a 5% commission, they will be paid $12,500 when the property sells.

Most realtors work with a real estate firm or a real estate broker. They will normally split their commission with their broker. A real estate broker usually holds the realtor’s license and when the real estate agent sells a property or earns a commission, they will pay part of that commission to their broker.

Where the commissions goes

When most people buy or sell a home, they work with a real estate agent. The real estate agent is licensed by their state and work for a broker unless they are also licensed as a broker. Any commissions earned by real estate agents in their firm are paid directly to the broker, not the real estate agent. The broker then distributes the funds based on the agreement with the real estate agent. You would also like to know about downtown cincinnati ohio real estate that is currently available .

Most employees are paid either an hourly or an annual salary. They know what they will be paid since it is the same each payday. A realtor is paid based on how many houses they sell, so their pay will vary.