How Much Does Rat Extermination Cost?

Are you wondering how much rat extermination cost?

If so, you are not alone. It has become more common place to see rat infestations in large cities. From big brown rats scurrying into storm drains to huge black rats hopping on roofs and climbing trees, anyplace where humans can live so can rats.

Rats are also very good at invading buildings. In fact, they are able to squeeze through holes are the same size in diameter as quarters. This means that can invade and swim through sewer pipes and enter into your toilet. Yes, rats can enter your home or business through toilets!

Rat Extermination

Although rats are a very common pest in homes across the country, many people are not comfortable admitting they have a rat infestation. Fortunately, the following information will give you an insight in how much you may have to pay to rid your home of this resourceful rodent.

Average Cost For Extermination

The national average of setting up traps to catch 10 to 15 rats can cost anywhere from $100 to almost $600. However, the actual cost you will pay will depend on your location and the amount of traps that will need to be set.

Several factors should be considered before hiring a pest control services to exterminate the rats in your property. For example, do the traps need to be tamper resistant? Will you be able to remove the traps on your own, or can they be removed only by a professional pest control technician?

Rat Extermination

You will also need to think about who you need to hire for the job. An exterminator can provide basic pest services, but a wildlife expert is more knowledgeable for removing large rodents like rats, groundhogs and squirrels.

Other Factors That Can Affect Extermination Cost

The extent of rat damage, the number of rats and the complexity of the job are also factors that will affect the final cost. Typically, a wildlife expert will not provide an quote until they have surveyed the site.

In order to clear the rat population from your home or business, the contractor will need to know:

The number of rat nests, hoards and droppings must be cleared
The number of rats that will need to be removed and caught
The number of access holes that will need to be repaired or blocked

The type of rat that must be exterminated will also play a role. A pack rat will take objects from your property to make a nest, while a Norway rat will use fibers and fluff from the floors in your home and from outside to line its nest.

Rats are rodents that can invade your property and bring disease with them. These are some of the factors to consider with rat extermination cost.