How Do I Find Out The Actual Size Of My Roof?

Did you know it is possible to determine the size of your roof so that you can do the roofing yourself? When people call a professional, they will typically go up and do these measurements, but there is a way that you can do this instead. For example, if you have a single story home that has a particular pitch, you can run this through calculators on the web that will tell you how many shingles you will need for your home. Let’s go over how to do these calculations so that you will know exactly how much is needed to put on a new roof.

How Do You Do These Calculations?

To do these calculations, you will first need to measure the roof by length and width. When you multiply these numbers, you will get the square footage of your roof. However, every roof has two sides, so you will want to do this for each side, and then add those numbers together. Depending upon the type of material that you are going to use, you will then have to figure out how many shingles, shakes, or how much metal roofing you are going to need in order to complete the project.

How Do You Use This To Figure Out How Many Shingles You Need

In most cases, you will divide the total amount of square footage by the number 100. This is going to give you what are called squares. Now you need to determine your roofing square total – on the ground, it takes three bundles, for instance, of three tab shingles to cover one of these areas. By using these calculations, you will be able to quickly tell how much roofing material will be necessary to complete the project. It really is that easy to gear out how much square footage of material you will need in order to complete your roof using these simple calculations.