How Do Active and Passive Components in Electronics Differ?

There are two categories of electronic components; we have the active components and passive components. Both of these components are totally different from each other and this article gives some insight on their differences.


Active Components

An active component is a kind of electronic circuit component that is capable of electrically controlling electron flow in a circuit. For any circuit to suffice the term electronic, it needs to contain at least a single active component. Active components in electronics include but not limited to transistors, vacuum tubes, TRIACs and Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCRs). Active devices control electron flow and either allow a voltage to control the current or let another current take control. A voltage-controlled device like a vacuum tube controls its own signal whereas a current controlled device like a bipolar junction transistor allows one current to control the other.

Active components are also viewed as devices that have analog electronic filters and are capable of amplifying a signal or producing a power gain. Solid-state devices and electronic tubes are the most common types of active components. Most active components work as alternating current circuits in devices thus helping increase the current, voltage and active power.

Passive Components

Passive components are devices that are incapable of controlling a current by the means of a different electrical signal. Passive components are modules that need no energy to operate, except for the available AC circuit that the components have been connected to. Passive modules are not energy sources and cannot produce a power gain and they include resistors, inductors, and capacitors among many others. Although passive components cannot amplify or increase the power of an electrical signal, they can increase the voltage or current by the help of an LC circuit which stores the electrical energy from resonant frequencies.

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