How Can I Optimize My Website?

Few things in life change as much as the internet. And while it provides many people with different opportunities, it also comes with a lot of competition. Whether you are just looking for traffic or if you want to generate an extra income, get ready to dig in your heels. Because optimizing your site is not something you can pick up and leave any time you want. In order for your tactics to be successful, they need to be consistent.

To help you get started in the right direction towards optimizing your site, here are some tips.

1. Content Remains King

Yes, videos and pictures are gaining a lot of ground in terms of popularity. And yes, you can gain a lot of exposure by using them on your site. But when you want to really get into the hear of search engines, keep your content original and informative.

More specifically, post content that is valuable to the readers. This is because search engines pay attention to sites where users spend a lot of time. Thus, engaging content means users spending loads of time on your site, resulting in higher rankings. Read more blogs here .

2. Use Good Keywords

You should never skimp over the keywords you use. They are the direct link between you and the users that ultimately find your site. Plus, you want to use the keywords wisely throughout the content. Otherwise, search engines are going to count it at stuffing (old blackhat trick that’s not effective anymore). In other words, they are going to penalize you.

Instead, find relevant keywords and only use them in a natural way. Let them add dimension to the overall content. Know How You Can Get Better SEO Results ?

3. Check The Layout

When digital marketers create sales funnels, they aim to make the whole process incredibly convenient for the leads they create. Because the easier it is for online shoppers to buy something, the better the chance of them using it.

The same principle applies to the layout of your site. You want it to be very user-friendly and moving from one page to the next should be a breeze. In fact, the more user-friendly the functionality of your site, the better.

4. How Quickly Does It Load?

You have a very short window to impress new visitors. But if your page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, don’t expect those visitors to stick around.

Internet users are very stingy about the loading speed of a site. And unless you have very valuable information visitors are willing to wait for, look at all the plugins you are running. Check whether the home page isn’t filled with unnecessary widgets. Basically, you want the site to operate with great speed.

5. Make It Responsive

Lastly, you should always test your site on different platforms. Given that so many online users are working with a mobile device, you’ll be losing out on a lot of traffic if the site only loads well on a singular platform. Always choose a design that responds well to all platforms. Conatct Scott Keever SEO .