Costa Rica Bird Field Guide Tours

There is a saying that good things always come in small packages, and this saying could apply to Costa Rica. Although it is smaller than the majority of states in the United States, the country has an incredible number of gorgeous birding areas that are packed within its close boundaries. In fact, there are so many birding areas, that they cannot all be seen during one tour. This is one reason why bird field guide tours are gaining in popularity.

Classic Costa Rica Tour

The ‘classic’ Costa Rica Tour is designed to see most of the largest groups of inhabitants in the country while also being aware of travel time. This tour targets the most charismatic bird species in Costa Rica. During this tour, travelers will be transported through the steamy lowlands of the Caribbean, and to the cloud forests and foothills of the bird-filled eastern slopes.

You will also go through the gorgeous oak forests, and also the scrubby cliffs of the Talamanca Mountains. During the entire tour, you will be staying in comfortable lodging, typically with a view of beautiful birding areas waiting on you when you wake up.

Holiday Costa Rica

Also known as Rancho Naturalista, this bird field guide tour is based at this lodge, and it offers excursions to several habitats on the bird-rich Caribbean slope of Costa Rica.

Located at 3000 feet, Costa Rica’s Cordillera de Talamanca at Rancho Naturalista is considered to be one of the best birding lodges in the country. Home cooked meals, comfortable lodging and personal service, in combination with great birding, make these accommodations ideal for bird watchers from around the world.

Other amenities available at Rancho include the lodge’s balcony, a nice, hot cup of coffee or tea and multiple species of birds quietly walking around on the grounds below. Over the past years, over 200 different species have been observed from the balcony. The flowers, bird baths and hummingbird feeders attract a number of stunning birds including the Snowcap and the Black-crested Coquette.

Monteverde Area

This birding tour departs from San Jose and will go into the beautiful, lush, green Tilaran Mountains ridges. This is the home of the internationally known Monteverde Cloud Forest and Santa Elena.

The reserves that are in this area offer housing for some of the most beautiful birds in the world. Some of them are:

Three-wattled Bellbird
Azure-hooded Jay
Resplendent Quetzal

These are some of the most popular bird field guide tours in the country. Join any of these bird field guide tours or go to and discover why Costa Rica has become a favorite destination for bird lovers and tourists alike.