Changing Your Name After The Wedding

Planning a wedding is an endeavor characterized by a seemingly endless list of tasks. From meeting with an officiant to selecting a reception venue, the number of things to get done is so great that it is common for some items to fall through the cracks. However, brides who plan to change their name after the ceremony ought to take some time to learn the process for doing so.

While name changes after marriage are extremely common

The proper method for accomplishing them is not immediately obvious. There are a series of precise steps that must be taken in order to effectuate the transition. Luckily, there are numerous online information sources that break the process into simple stages that anyone can complete.

Changing a last name

The Social Security Administration is certainly an essential part of the process and should be done first, but it is by no means the only place where changes need to be recorded. Once the federal government has been made aware of the desire to change names, a new bride will need to contact a host of other entities. These could include, banks, credit card companies, utilities, schools, professional organizations, licensing bodies and more. Useful checklists can be found on the Internet to help keep things organized along the way. Read about New York DMV Lost Social Security Card Requirements Overview .

Getting married is an exciting event in anyone’s life, and changing last names is a pivotal occurrence to be sure. There is no need for folks to feel unduly overwhelmed by the prospect, however, given the frequency with which this is done and the plethora of helpful tools that can be used. In the end, most newly-married individuals feel a tremendous sense of pride and exuberance once they assume their new name, their new identity and their new way of life. For more information click here .