The Importance Of Finding A Number Of Different Places When Looking For DIY Advice

When you are trying to make your own roof, making sure that you get enough information and that you get the best possible materials is extremely important. Checking with a number of different sources will help you get started and will also ensure that you get the best results in the end.

Steps Before Roof Planning

The first three places that you should look are google, facebook, and youtube. These places will have people who have already made their diy roofs inc, able to talk about the dos and don’t of planning these roofs.

The next four places will be specialty forums, diy blog pages, reddit, and possibly even building plan websites. There will tend to be a bit more advanced, but getting information from them will usually give you a bit more in depth information about what you are actually working towards.

The next four places are actually going to be the biggest four building stores in your area. Ask the people working in the roofing and wood sections about how to make your own roof and what you need to get started.

Finally, the last four places you should look are online retailers selling kits. These should come from places like Ebay, companies that specialize in roof making, Etsy, and lumber companies. Each of these places should have a few people offering kits with enough materials to make your roof and fix any problems that you might have.


Figuring out which of these places you want to go with is up to you, but each of them should have enough information for you to understand the project that you are undertaking. Make sure to get as much information as you can before starting, ensuring that your project goes off with the least difficulty possible.