Comparing Chase Merchant Services Rates With Other Service Providers

Being a high risk business owner, you will definitely be familiar with the high credit card processing rates. Many payment processors will attempt to take advantage of businesses that are struggling to overcome the high risk stigma. The only way to survive in today’s economy is by offering consumers a highly secure, multiple payment option. Of course, this will not be possible without a merchant account. Below, you will discover a short comparison of Chase merchant services rates with other service providers.


If you are a newbie in the business world, you may be unfamiliar with high risk merchant accounts. While many payment processors will attempt to confuse their clients with high tech verbiage, this will not be the case, when dealing with Chase. A representative will sit down with you to explain exactly how the payment systems work and how easy they are to manage. The simple explanation can definitely help you understand how the rates and fees are determined.

Simplified way to do business:

No Hidden Fees

Another issue that high risk businesses face, when it comes to credit card processing fees, they are not often set in stone. For example, after a month of operating under one of these payment systems, you will receive your statement and immediately take note of the rate variations. Even though the payment processor guaranteed you a set rate, this was genuinely a falsification. Of course, the representative failed to mention the hidden fees, because they knew that you would go elsewhere, if the rates were too extravagant.

When doing business with Chase, your rates will never change unless otherwise discussed.

Breaking down the Fees

Many large corporations tend to make the customers’ monthly statement beyond decryption, especially for the average businessman. The reason for this is to make it difficult for the customer to determine the actual fees charged. Chase worked diligently to create a monthly statement with simplified pricing, so there is no second guessing. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to determine how much you are being charged each month for specified services rendered.

Customer Support

Chase offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week live customer support to all of their merchant account clients. If at any time, you have questions regarding your monthly statement, just pick up the phone and give them a call.


As you can see, when comparing Chase merchant services rates with other providers, they do not compare in the lease. Save yourself some time and sign up for a Chase merchant account, today.

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